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In 2013, Johan Ronnestam, Fredrik Franzon and the founding members of Form Us With Love; Jonas Petterson, John Löfgren and Petrus Palmér set out to innovate the world of acoustic materials. Together, they had a mission to create a global interior and architect material brand created better working conditions for the people worldwide.

BAUX was founded on the belief that building materials should be sustainable, surprisingly functional and remarkably beautiful. BAUX designs, produces and markets functional construction materials that meet the contemporary expectations of architects, engineers and builders – without compromising tomorrow’s safety and environmental standards.

Design with Sustainable and
Functional Acoustics

BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool Panels & Tiles contain two of the world’s oldest building materials, the combination is simple and ingenious. BAUX Acoustic Pulp panel is the first in the world to uncompromisingly combine true sustainability with functionality.

"Acoustic design was at the same stage that lighting was a decade ago, when engineers and psychologists focused on how varying light affects our mood and behaviour."
Financial Times Lucy Watson


Environmentally Friendly

BAUX Acoustic wood wool panels are available in 7 patterns; Quilted, Check, Stripes, Lines, Diagonal, Arch and Curve. All designed to be combined into infinity.



Absorption – In acoustics a property of a material. Absorbing material converts sound energy. The absorption of a given material varies with frequency. Some materials have a high absorption at high frequencies, other at low frequencies or perhaps at medium frequencies.



BAUX Acoustic Pulp is made out of sustainably harvested Swedish fir and pine trees. Recycled water. Non-GMO wheat bran. Potato starch. Plant-derived wax. Citrus fruit peels. Zero chemicals.


Wood Wool

An environment-friendly, recyclable material made from wood wool, cement and water.


Acoustic Pulp

Over the past century, fossil based materials have become the norm and standard for acoustical products in the interior design and building industries. It’s time for a new kind of material. One that breaks the mold and pushes us beyond what the world believes is possible for sustainability in acoustical products.


Acoustic Panel

The 100% bio-based BAUX Acoustic Pulp panel is the first in the world to uncompromisingly combine the performance properties of sound absorption, safety and durability with sustainability and modern aesthetics.


Wood Wool Panel

As with all BAUX designs, our acoustic wood wool tiles reduce sound reflection and regulate moisture so you’ll benefit from a healthier more inspiring environment all round.



Reflections – Hard and thus not absorbing, surfaces reflect sound. Reflections are the reason for reverberation. In large rooms, the reflections may provide sound distribution and the perception of spaciousness. Strong single reflections can, however, result in colouration of the sound.


Wood Wool Tiles

BAUX Patterns makes it simpler than ever to transform any space with a unique BAUX design. Browse through our Pattern collections and choose from over 500 designs. We’ve done the math! Each pattern is designed to repeat like wallpaper so you can quickly calculate how many tiles you need for your wall or space.


3-D Pixel

We asked Daniel Wallberg, a.k.a. Smutskatt, one of Sweden’s most creative beat makers, to play around with the new BAUX Acoustic 3D Pixel. Here’s what he did.


Most common question: Do you ship worldwide? Yes we do!

We are proud to be a global supplier of our acoustical products. 
To save resources, shipping and time we now offer final production and warehousing in the USA and Australia.

Contact us or visit our international representation page, and we will help you out with your order, regardless of where in the world you are located.


We produce at order so you can order any quantity and combination of shape and colour you desire. The design options are endless and you can personalize any installation.

BAUX Talks: Explore Acoustics and its effect on the Human Brain, Productivity and Wellbeing and Innovation

ac·ous·ti·cian /ˌako͞oˈstiSHən/


an expert in the branch of physics concerned with the properties of sound.

You'll Learn: 

- The fundamentals of sound and acoustics
- Absorption? Reflection? Diffusion? Helpful acoustic glossary
- The impact bad acoustics have on our health
- How can acoustic treatments improve the state of our environment
- How to design a good acoustic space

- Shifts in mentality

- Reshaping our perception of what’s   possible through forward-thinking     design.

Which kind of house do you think is warmer?

A Wooden House, Or A Metal House?

wood is 400 times warmer than steel! This is due to wood being an effective natural insulator with significant thermal mass properties. This helps to retain heat from the day and release it at night.


References & Resources

Find references and business cases from all parts of the world. Get inspired and see what other working professionals have done with BAUX acoustic wood wool and BAUX acoustic Pulp.


Book of Acoustics

"A handbook for architects and interiors designers who want to create acoustically beautiful spaces."


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