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As a leader in the industry, HMC has a wealth of knowledge and expertise that’s incomparable. We utilize this experience to provide our clients with quality and innovative products they can truly count on.

An Architectural Woodworking Institute
Quality Certified Firm

More than 85% of HMC’s bid invitations come from repeat clients; because we deliver every project on-time and on-budget.

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Planning Stage

You will benefit by contracting with HMC during the planning stage of a project. Why?

HMC has over 30 years of custom millwork engineering and manufacturing experience. Our commercial practice ranges from renovations to new build of Healthcare Facilities, Corporate Office Space and Mixed-Use, Government Installations, Sports Stadiums, Convention Centers, College and Universities, Fast Casual and Franchise Foodservice establishments. We understand phasing and scheduling. We consistently deliver on time. We know how to adhere to the budget without sacrificing quality. We are materials pricing experts and lead time aware. We review drawings during bidding to ensure constructability and durability. Project sequencing, security, and scheduling are specialties. We have experience with building temporary operations, complex project phasing with compact schedules. Our understanding of construction intricacies is priceless when bidding on projects. We take all this know-how and provide rock-solid bids that the whole project team can depend on.



Because softwoods take wood finishes so well, they were responsible for the pine furniture boom of the early 80’s to late 90’s.


Compliance, Consistency & Quality

HMC is a QCP-licensed woodworking firm. We follow the guidelines set out by QCP which ensures that our products meet the Architectural Woodwork Standards (AWS), AWI subsections as recognized by QCP, and other compliance and quality expectations.

The AWI standards are respective of specification, construction, and installation of interior architectural woodwork. The standards deliver comprehensive guidance and support to Architects, General Contractors, Installers, Manufacturers, Suppliers and Drafters. An AWI certified firm must demonstrate mastery of the technical skill as well as the knowledge of expert woodworkers who work in commercial spaces with interior architectural woodwork. We follow the specification standards set the industry best practices, provide technical and design illustrations, and address all facets of architectural woodwork from raw lumber and veneer through factory finishing and installation. y reducing our clients’ risks, avoiding costly repairs, and managing change orders more effectively.

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